Special Recognition

Special Recognition

Each month at the MCBDD Board meeting honorees are recognized from each program facility and Community Services for outstanding achievement.

Centre @ Javit Court – Michael “Bub” Markota

Veterans of the Valley Luncheon Volunteers First Row: L to R Renee Coleman, , Bill Marsteller,  Jocelyn Patmon, Robert Hewitt and Michael Grasso Second Row:  L to R George Gabriel, Superintendent Bill Whitacre,  Randy Smith, James Critell

Bev MASCO – Duayne Lomax, Veteran of the Valley Volunteer

Meshel MASCO – Chuckie Segesto, Veteran of the Valley Volunteers

Anniversary Milestones

Susan Robinson – 15 yrs.

Ashley Handel – 10 yrs.

Jill Marsh – 10 yrs.

Kelly Wells – 10 yrs.

Sandy Beaver – 10 yrs

Retirees to be Honored:

Kathy Gause – 39 yrs.



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